Inside the All-Sphere, 13 worlds spin and dance around the Great Sun, ships ply the Aether between worlds, empires rise and fall. A handful of broken Gods linger in the All-Sphere—including the prayer-hungry Lesser Sun—the rest dwelling in the Beyond where their power and size will not destroy all of creation. And in the shadows of the Gods the Demons grew up, who seek to enter into the All-Sphere and annihilate the worlds and all of mortality. And now, as the Shatterer channels the power of the Demons in the All-Sphere and destroys kingdoms and Icons, creation hangs on the edge of a precipice, perhaps to fall, perhaps to pull back at the final moment.

On one world, The Wanderer, in a small but well protected realm known as Riven Rock, the Amira Sejan works to preserve something of civilization and life in spite of all the doom that surrounds her. Perhaps here, alone in all the world, heroes could arise, strong and bold enough to hold back the hordes of the demons, or even to redeem the All-Sphere entirely.

A Shattering of Worlds

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